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Armoiries des Labrecque Association des Labrecque


Genealogy and Newsletter Committees

The Board of Directors is assisted by the following committees:

The members of the genealogy committee The collaborators of the newsletter

André labrecque (Member number 84)

Marie-France Chabot, responsable, translator and corrector of the Bulletin des Labecque (membre numéro 475)

Huguette Labrecque (Member number 47)

France Labrecque, infographics (membre numéro 14)

Lise Labrecque (Member number 347)

Jacques Olivier (Member number 600)

Denyse Proulx (Member number 81)

France Labrecque (Member number 14)

Membre de la Fédéйration des associations de familles du Québec Member of the Fédération des associations de familles du Québec (FAFQ)
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