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Pierre Labrecque and his children

Pierre was baptized in the St-Jacques Church of Dieppe by 1625 or 1626.

We do not know exactly when Pierre landed in New France, but we have data indicating that he concluded an agreement with Louis Couillard de Lespinay on April 7, 1658 to get a land in the Seigneurie de Beaupré.

On Novembre 11, 1658, he signed a wedding contract with Gabrielle Barré but they did not get married. Later in 1658, the land was given back to Mr Couillard.

In 1659, Pierre move to Île d'Orléans as he got a land from Rene Maheu. This land was located on the eastern part of the parish of Saint-Laurent next to the Maheu River (see the land of the Labrecque ancestors). In 1660, Mgr François de Laval confirmed Pierre, Jean and Abraham Fiset, their cousin.

Pierre and Jeanne Chotard were married on January 2, 1663. Jeanne was the daughter of Jacques Chotard and Suzanne Gabaret.

  • Mathurin was born in 1663 and he married Marie-Marthe Lemieux in 1693. They settled down in Beaumont and they had 13 children.
  • Anne was born in 1666. She married Jacques Julien in 1685 and Gilles Laurent in 1692. She had 10 children.
  • Pierre was born in 1668 and he married Marie-Marthe Coulombe in 1694. They had 10 children.
  • Catherine was born around 1669. She was married to Pierre Garant in 1694 and to Clément Dubois in 1700. She had 8 children.

In 1661, Pierre indicated that we was a sailor but genealogists noted that he described himself as a "sailor and an inhabitant" in 1666. Pierre also worked with Louis Jolliet in 1679, but he was working on his land that he sold to his son Pierre in may 1695.

Pierre died in 1702, but the exact date of death is know now. However, it must be after March 13, 1702 because data indicate that Pierre and Jeanne were in the office of the notary Louis Chambalon on that day to give a receipt in full to their son Pierre for their land.

Jeanne died in 1711. She was 75 years old.

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