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Armoiries des Labrecque Association des Labrecque

The Bulletin

The Bulletin des Labrecque is the official publication of the Association.

Since 2014, the Bulletin of the Association des Labrecque has been published twice a year. Each Bulletin of about twenty pages presents:

The Bulletin is mailed to the members of the Association.

The members of the "bulletin Committee"

Artisans Reading Committee Infographics
France Labrecque Micheline Labrecque
and Diane Labrecque
France Labrecque
Since Volume 18, Number 2

To submit manuscripts to the editor at the Association address, please contact us.

To access the bulletins' summaries since 2005, click on a year.
To get previous issues of the Bulletin ($4.50/issue, including postal fees), please contact us.

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